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Accredited Specialists

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Accredited Specialists

The Specialist Accreditation Scheme was established by the Queensland Law Society to formally recognise the high level of competency and knowledge of Accredited solicitors in their chosen area of legal practice. The Queensland Law Society Specialist Accreditation Scheme is part of a national framework of schemes run by other law societies and provides a national benchmark for recognising specialist expertise.

The mark of an Accredited Specialist also provides guidance to the public and the profession as to which legal practitioners are truly leaders in their field.

Of almost 15,000 practising solicitors in Queensland, only about 500 are Accredited Specialists. Roughly thirty of those practises in criminal law. Two of our solicitors, Senior Associate Adam and our Director Kristy, form part of this small and elite group.

In 2018, Kristy was the youngest solicitor to be awarded Specialist Accreditation in Criminal Law by the Queensland Law Society. In 2022, Kristy passed the baton to Adam, who then became the youngest solicitor ever to be awarded the prestigious title.

Both Adam and Kristy developed a passion for the practise of criminal law at the very commencement of their careers. Both have varied backgrounds and broad ranging experience in their fields, including in criminal confiscation, prosecutions, administrative law and strategic policy, enabling them to provide uniquely well informed and thorough advice.

At Bell Criminal Lawyers, we pride ourselves on our specialty areas of practice. We stick to what we know, so you can rest assured your representation is in capable hands.